How teachers were differentiated in Bharat as per their unique abilities..

Since vedic times, teachers,acharyas and gurus were given utmost respect and admiration in society. There contributions and sacrifices for preparing a shishya[student] to serve thier family, dharma and nation were revered across ages.

Vedic literature differentiated teachers on the basis of their knowledge,experience and expertise in a particular subject and they were segemented into 6 unique categories.

1. A teacher who gives you Information is called Adyapaka/ अध्यापक्.

2. A teacher who imparts knowledge combined with information is called Upadhyaya/उपध्याय.

3. A teacher who imparts skills is called Acharya/आचार्य.

4. A teacher who is able to give deep insights through observations is called Pandit /पन्ङित.

5. A teacher who has visionary view on a particular subject and make you think in the same line is called Dhristha/धृष्ट.

6. A teacher who is able to awaken wisdom in you, guiding you from ignorance to knowledge is called Guru/गुरु.

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