Shlokas which Protect

Kavacham are shlokas which protect you against planetary afflictions of the Nava-grahas . Read and chant kavacham to prepare or protect yourself from planetary malefics.

Surya Kavacham

Chandra Kavacham

Buddha Kavacham

Shukra Kavacham

Angaraka Kavacham

Guru Kavacham

Shani Vajrapanjara Kavacham

Rahu Kavacham

Ketu Kavacham

Navagraha Kavacham

Rama Kavacham

Hanuman Kavacham

Shri Devi Kavacham

Narasimha Kavacham

namo namaḥ!

भाषा चुने (Choose Language)

Gyaandweep Gyaandweep

namo namaḥ!

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