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Sundara Kanda Sarga - 3

Ramayana Gurukul

Class code: 546426

Students: 40

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Assignment Week 2 Day 3

शारदाम्बुधरप्रख्यैर्भवनैरुपशोभिताम् । सागरोपमनिर्घोषां सागरानिलसेविताम् ।। ३ ।।

भगवान हनुमान ने कितनी दूरी कि उड़ान तय की ?

We will practice chanting the first 2 shlokas tomorrow.

Assignment Week 2 Day 2

निशि लङ्कां महासत्त्वो विवेश कपिकुञ्जरः । रम्यकाननतोयाढ्यां पुरीं रावणपालिताम् ।। २ ।।

Assignment Week 2 Day 1

स लम्बशिखरे लम्बे लम्बतोयदसंनिभे । सत्त्वमास्थाय मेधावी हनुमान्मारुतात्मजः ।। १ ।।

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Material - Week 3

Sarga 3 - Shloka 4 - 8 and देव Vibhakti Flashcards.

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Vibhakti | Desclension Form for Masculine Word | देव

सुपुष्टबलसङ्गुप्तां यथैव विटपावतीम्  ।  चारुतोरणनिर्यूहां पाण्डुरद्वारतोरणाम्  ।।   ४ ।।

1Ramayana - Sundara Kanda

Vedic Text
Ramayana Sundara Kanda Sarga 3 Shloka 4

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Grammar Flashcards
Vibhakti देव / God Maculine / पुल्लिग़

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How many siddhis are acquired by lord hanuman?50
How many maheshwara sutras are there for swaras?50
What are the 4 types of speeches ?50
How many lokas are there in brahmanda?50
भगवान हनुमान ने कितनी दूरी कि उड़ान तय की ?50

Bharat Raghuvanshi





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