Holy incarnation of Shri Vishnu and birth of shri rama.

Rama Navami is celebrated as the day the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Shri Rama took birth. Every Chaitra Navaratri in the month of Chaitra[april], Navami falls on the 9th day[nava means 9] of the Shukla Paksha which is the bright half of the month.

Shri Rama was a suryavanshi king born to the emperor of the solar dynasty Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya. He was the eldest of 4 brothers born to the emperor and his 3 queens. When Shri Rama took birth, he came with 14 out of 16 divine kalas[qualities] that a soul can achieve.

These kalas are not divine power but certain levels of spiritual conscience which a soul can develop in the form of emotional intelligence, martial arts, crafts, and literature.

The reason he had 14 kalas was part of a divine play that came into existence in the form of the itihasa, Ramayana.

Every divine entity which surrounds Lord Vishnu has a part to play in the Epic Ramayana. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shri Rama himself. Shri Lakshmi, consort of Lord Vishnu as Maa Sita. Sudarshana Chakra which rests on Lord Vishnu's hands, as Bharat, next to Shri Rama. Shesnaga on which Lord Vishnu rests, as Laxman, next to bharat. Shatrughana, the youngest brother, is a personification of Shankha[Conch Shell]. Lastly, we have Vibhishana, brother of Demon King Rama as Lord Vishnu Gada[Mace]. 

Let us understand all the 14 kalas shri rama had and how the 2 remaining kalas pave the way to one of the greatest battles on earth, Ramayana.

As per Valmiki Ramayana, all the kalas are 

1. Daya, Dhairya - Compassion, Patience.

वीर्यवान्न च वीर्येण महता स्वेन विस्मित:। (VR 2.1.13)

Shri Ram’s speech is full of sweet and very dear to hearts and shri ram is very compassionate.

2.  Kshama– Forgiveness

संमतस्त्रिषु लोकेषु वसुध्याय क्षमा गुणैः।। (VR 2.1.31)

Shri Ram is incomparable in three lokas in terms of forgiveness, patience and gunas.

3. Dana-  Bestower of Wealth 

भवत् प्रसादात् सुग्रीवः पितृ पैतामहम् महत्। वानराणां सुदुष्पापं प्राप्तो राज्यमिदम् प्रभो।। (VR 4.26.4)

O Rama! It is you, who brought back sugreev his kingdom by killing the usurper, Bali. Shri Rama is kshatriya by birth and could have occupied the kingdom as a rightful winner but forsake it as putradharma and friendship.

4. Nyaya- Justice

न हि धर्मविरुद्धस्य लोकवेत्तापेयुषः। दण्डादन्यत्र पश्यामि निग्रह हरियुथप।।

Shri Rama is the eternal lord of justice and preaches equality for all. He believes that those who have made mistakes or committed sins must be punished accordingly and must learn about the path of dharma.

5. Nirapaksha- Impartiality[Being centric]

निश्वास वृक्षः साधुनामपन्नानाम परा गतिः। (VR 4.24.19)

Shri Rama is the eternal embodiment of refuge for all kinds of creatures in the creation and protects them all equally.

6. Nirasakta- Detachment

तथा मम सतां श्रेष्ठं किं ध्वजिन्या जगत्पते। सर्वाष्येवानुजानामि चीराप्येवानयन्तु मे।। (VR 2.37.4)

Upon his banishment into the forest due to kaiekyi's wish, emperor dasharatha offered Shri Rama some comforts and protection to him for an easy stay but Shri Rama declined and only asked for his blessings and the bhagva[symbolizes suryavanshi empire] color robe as his clothes, thus detaching from all luxuries of a king's life.

7. Tapasya- Penance 

एतत् कुक्षौ समुद्रस्य स्कन्धावारनिवेशनम्। अत्र पुर्वं महादेवः प्रसादमकरोत्प्रभुः।। (VR 6.123.19)

Shri Rama's entire period of 14 years in banishment was lived in austerity and spiritual peace. In the last year of banishment, maa sita was kidnapped by the Demon king, Ravana, and brought to Lanka as a refugee. When Shri Rama reached the banks of Rameshwaram, he prayed for 7 days straight to pray to Lord Shiva and Varuna, God of the Seas for blessing him before commencing war. This famous spot is known as Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga.

8. Aparajaya- Who can't be defeated.

  अप्रधृष्यश्च संग्रामे क्रुद्धेरपि सुरासुरैः।। (VR 2.1.31)

Shri Rama was so powerful that no demon or god can defeat him.

9. Saundaryajanma- Born with divine beauty

पुर्णचन्द्राननस्याथ शोकोपनुदात्मनः। लोके रामस्य बुबुधे संप्रियत्व महात्मनः।l (VR 2.1.43)

Shri Rama was born with the radiance of 1000 suns and beauty that is delightful to all the worlds.

10. Sangitajna, Nrityajna - Best of Singers and Dancers.    

गान्धर्वे च भुवि श्रेष्णे बभुव भरताग्रज। (VR 2.2.35)

Shri Rama is the best singer and dancer in the suryavanshi clan.

11. Nitivadi, Satyavadi - One who embodies law and truthful speech.

प्रियवादी च भुतानाम सत्यवादी च राघव। (VR 2.2.32)

Shri rama follows the Dharmic code of law above anything else. He follows the law to such an extent that he didn't raise his weapons when Demon King Ravana lost his bow in one of the fights and asked him to pick it up for a fair duel.

12. Sarvaniyanta - Controller of all

कर्ता सर्वस्व लोकस्य श्रेष्ठो ज्ञानविदां विभुः। (VR 6.117.6a)

Shri rama is the Karta of all creatures in creation. He blesses us with health, wealth, and nourishment to fulfill our karma.


13 & 14.  Swarupvasthistha and Paripurna -  Embodiment of Shri Vishnu and Complete Knowledge of all forms.


These 2 are the kalas that were hidden from Shri Rama by Lord Vishnu himself. Swarupavashistha was hidden from Shri Rama so he can fulfill his purpose of killing the Demon King, Ravana. 

He was not Paripurna in Maya or Illusion. Shri Rama fought the entire battle without using any form of maya or magic to defeat rama. He only used Bow and Arrows. Ravana was blessed with amrita and maya of all forms by Lord Shiva himself but was unable to defeat Shri Rama.

We can learn that if something is hidden from us in our lives, it is quite possibly a divine intervention that will spring forth later in our lives when we need it and if we don't,  we will realize the illusion behind this as a divine play as well.

Wishing all reader a very happy Shri Rama Navami and Bharatiya New Year.


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