The art and science of breathing.

Breathing is very important for all living things. When a baby is born, it takes its first breath and when an old man dies, he takes his last. Every living thing needs to breathe to stay alive, from the smallest bug to the biggest animal. Breathing is not only the most important thing we do with our body, but everything else our body does depends on breathing.

If we don't breathe properly, we might get sick or not have as much energy. When people lived in nature, they breathed naturally and correctly, just like animals and children. But now, our modern lifestyles have made us forget how to breathe properly.

We need to take control of our breathing to stay healthy and have a long life. By practicing good breathing habits every day, we can be more healthy and strong. In Dharma, breath is often called Prana and this prana is responsible for the sustenance of life, the better the flow of prana in the body, the better our circulation and consequently our health.

Prana is something that is considered extremely important in all kinds of Yogic disciplines that are encompassed in Astanga Yoga or any other form of yoga. All Yoga Asanas, meditation practices, mantra chanting, or study of scriptures have emphasized prana whether it is breathing in, holding it, or breathing out.

We have often seen many yogic practitioners having immense strength and vitality even after consuming extremely low quantities of food and water, the reason for this is Pranic flow.

It is only through the control of prana that yogic practitioners have reached the depth of the human psyche and understood how prana travels inside the human body in different parts. The basic way in which prana flows inside the human body is through a special channel called Nadi, we have more than 72,000 major nadis in our body which runs from the tip of the head to the tip of the toes. In total, it reaches 6 digits. Every nadi can be assumed for ease of understanding as highways through which prana flow inside our bodies. Whenever a highway is blocked, prana is unable to move ahead and this results in dis-ease

Any nadi- chikitsak as it is called in Bharat are well practiced in catching a blocked nadi and some of them are so well versed that they can even tell what you ate a week ago. Everything that we consume has a physical, mental, emotional, and psychological effect on our bodies, therefore it is extremely important that we keep our bodies well-fed in terms of food, water, and thought.

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