Why concept of ashtalakshmi is a great financial concept for the future..

Shri lakshmi is known as the hindu goddess of wealth and devotionally prayed on the holy festival of Deepawali. She is the consort of shri vishnu and symbolizes wealth, prosperity and success. Each and every symbol of shri lakshmi is associated with a separate form of lakshmi and together they form the Asthalaksmi.

Lakshmi is derived from the root sounda "laksh" which means "To Understand or to know". Shri lakshmi bestows us with wealth in order to achieve our ambitions and goals.

Ashtalakshmi is made up of two words [Astha- 8 & lakshmi- goddess who bestows wealth ], so the word literally means 8 types of goddess of wealth. We believe, all spiritual seekers must follow the concept of ashta-lakshmi and not just materialistic riches which stays on earth when we depart from it.

The ashtalaksmi are Aadi-lakshmi, Dhanya-lakshmi, Dhairya lakshmi, Gaja-lakshmi,Santana-lakshmi,vijaya-lakshmi,Vidya-lakshmi and Dhana-lakshmi.

This concept is a boon for the seekers and people of 21st century as we all run after money and not wealth. We are in constant chase to earn more money, even by hook or crook, just so we can collect material commodities and trophies. All of us need money to sustain, to eat, to drink, to sleep,to travel, to cover ourselves and to shelter. These are basic human needs and requesting the gods for wealth in order to sustain as a human being is our dutiful right. But when the gods have bestowed more wealth to us than we need and instead of helping the needful, we spend it on trivial things is something which is looked down upon by the gods.

Lord shiva in a conservation with maa parvati himself said that "anyone who has more wealth than he needs should donate it" ,they can donate it to temple or it's priests, to poor people who want food and clothing or educating the underprivileged. This way gods are pleased with our karma and bestows us with bleesings and more wealth.

The only thing a human can carry with himself in their next life is the Karma which they acquire in their current life, it's our dharma to make sure it's ethical. For us to carry out our karma, we need wealth and prosperity,it exists in a variety of ways, so too does Lakshmi, who bestows specific types of wealth through eight unique forms, known collectively as Ashta Lakshmi.

Aadi Lakshmi
Aadi means first and aadi lakshmi is said to be her primordial form.Through her blessings, she helps a person attain life's foremost aim of freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth. She is thus known also as Moksha Pradayani, or “one who bestows liberation.”

Aadi lakshmi sits on a lotus and she is usually depicted with 4 hands. One hands displays the abhaya mudra[Fingers point up and palm facing outwards depicting fearlessness], one displays the Varada mudra[Fingers face downward and palm faces outward depicting her as boon giver], one hand is depicted holding a lotus[Symbolizes enlightenment] and lastly one hand holding a flag which symbolizes surrender to divine ultimate.

Vijaya Lakshmi
Vijaya means victory and vijaya lakshmi is a symbol of success, instilling devotees with hope and inspiration.

Vijaya lakshmi sits on a lotus and depicted with 8 hands. One holds a sword, one with a shield, one with a noose, one with a discus, one with a conch, one with a lotus and one in Abhaya mudra and last one in Varada Mudra. Seeker manifests the blessing of maa lakshi for the purpose of conquering life's impediments with determination and grit, Vijaya Lakshmi favors those who maintain a positive attitude in the face of all adversities.

Veera Lakshmi
Veera means one who is brave and holds valor when facing enemy forces. Veera Lakshmi blesses worshippers with the strength required to overcome obstacles on the path of one's material and spiritual life.

Adorned with gold ornaments and flowers, she sits on a lotus and depoicted with 8 hands. one with a bow, one with an arrow, one with a sword or trident, one with a discus, one with palm leaf scriptires, one with conch, one in Abhaya mudra and last one in Varada mudra.

Gaja Lakshmi
Gaja means animals and gaja lakshmi bestows the woshipper with "Wealth of Animals for farming". Gaja lakshmi holds immense importance and devotion from seekers involved in farming and selling farm produce.

Gaja lakshmi has 2 elephants on both side, one male and one female and sits on a pink lotus. She is depicted with four hands, one is in varada Mudra, one is abhaya mudra and other 2 hands holding lotuses.

Santana Lakshmi
Santana means Children or Progeny and sanatana lakshmi symbolizes fertility and prayed by couples desiring childrens.

Adorned with gold jewelry and flowers, she sits on a pink lotus and depicted with six hands. One holds a shield, one holds a sword, one holds a baby, two holds pitchers[Matka] of waters, one in Abhaya Mudra to ward off negativities and offer the blessing of a child.

Dhanya Lakshmi
Dhanya means "one who is blessed " and Dhanya Lakshmi blesses devotees with the great fortune of agricultural wealth. Devotees ask for her blessing before eating foods and also when they offer food to the needy.

Adorned with gold jewelry and green saree with symbolizes growth,renewal and agricultural growth. She sits on pink lotus and is depicted with 8 hands, one holding a mace, one in abhaya mudra, one in varada mudra, two holding lotuses and three holding various agricultural products.

Dhana Lakshmi
Dhana means "wealth" in terms of Moeny,gold,real estate and any tangible monetary commodity. It also symbolize human qualities such as Strength, Courage, Determination and Willpower. Dhana lakshi blesses the seeker who work hard and persevere to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

Adorned with gold jewelry and seated on a pink lotus, she is depicted with six hands. One holds a discus, one holds a conch, one with a bow and arrow, one with a water pitcher, one with a lotus, one in Abhaya mudra with gold coins flowing symbolizing she bestiws wealth.

Vidya Lakshmi
Vidya means knowledge and vidya lakshi guides the seeker with intellectual pursuits and mental development. Vidya lakshmi blesses her devotess with strength and by residing in one's psyche so she can help in developing and enhancing that person's potential, this way she helps the seeker in achieving material and spiritual success.

Adorned in gold jewelry, she sits on pink lotus and usually depicted with 4 hands. Two hands holds lotuses and one is in Abhaya Mudra and one is in Varada Mudra.

This constitutes the ashta-lakshmi, although her forms are distinct according to the needs of a seeker, all her forms encompasses her nurturing and protective nature, like that of a mother. She blesses the devotee with what they need to fulfill there karma and ambition, at the same time motivating them to work hard and pursue their goals.

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